SAM Learning Portal

The Learning Portal is a training tool for SAM users

There are a couple of key things to remember:

The portal is based on login/username. It remembers the progress of someone who is using this username. If multiple people try and use the same username it produces errors.

These are the general rules for use:

  • Only use one person per sign in to the Learning Portal (as it remembers what people have completed previously and needs to be completed sequentially)
  • If using the SAM Learning Portal via only use this for the same staff member and only once
  • If a new staff member takes up a role and you provide them with a new login also provide them with a new SAM Learning Portal login if appropriate
  • You need to use a unique email in the portal. This is difficult if it is a new manager to SAM with the same work email as a previous manager they may need to use a private email for the portal. 

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