How to add merchandise and non-catalogued works to SAM

If you want to sell merchandise and other non-catalogued items through SAM you will have to add them as products.

100% of product sales will go to the Art Centre account.

If the item will be linked to an artist, consider cataloguing it or you will have to pay the artist manually. (Check “How to pay an artist for non-catalogued works?”)


Adding a New product:

If no Category for the product:
  1. Go to the menu [Admin] > [Accounts and Category Setup].
  2. Add a new category for the product. Eg: T-shirt
  3. Uncheck the box “Catalogued”.
  4. [Save].

Add Product details:

  1. Go to the menu [Admin] > [Products].
  2. Click on [Add Product].
  3. Select the category, add the name and description. Eg: Red T-Shirt Small – T-shirted designed by X Artist.
  4. Add the purchase price and the sale price.
  5. [Save].

Add Quantity of product:

  1. Go to the menu [Admin] > [Products – Adjust Stock]
  2. Click on [Add Stock].
  3. Start typing the product name or description and select it from the list.
  4. Add the quantity.
  5. Click on [Add Product Stock]

*You won’t be able to adjust stock if you are in the middle of a stocktake.

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