Artwork maintenance help

Includes: Searching, editing, deleting artworks and printing certificates 

Finding and editing artworks

  1. Go to: [Artists] >, select [Artworks]
  2. In the Catalogue No field, enter at least three numbers, then select the required artwork
  3. To change or add an image click the [Add] at the bottom of the Artwork Images box in the bottom left corner, click [Change], then choose your image and wait for it to finish uploading.
  4. Click [Edit] to add new or amend data. There is spell check in the narrative, click the [abc] and the words will underline, left click to see options
  5. Click [Save]

Print and email certificate

  1. To print a certificate, click [Certificate], let it load, then select the output (print, pdf, export etc)


Tip: You can only delete unsold and un-consigned artworks
  1. Find the work you wish to delete
  2. Click [Delete] to remove an artwork
  3. Confirm delete when the alert pops up

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